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Shawana King was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. As a hustler’s daughter coming up in the 90s and early 2000s, Shawana was exposed to the street life very early and began running hustles of her own. At the young age of 19, she went to federal prison for credit card fraud.

Although Swiped book is entertaining, its sole purpose is to inform, warn, and serve as a lesson. Shawana has pulled from her real life circumstances to create this cautionary tale.

Today, credit card fraud is a multi-billion dollar, black market business. Shawana now rights her wrongs by using her high-level credit repair agency ( to help those who were victims of fraud. In addition, Shawana educates and speaks to young people in the community. She also frequently visits juvenile detention centers and jails, educating the youth about avoiding the temptation of engaging in illegal activity. You can also see Shawana on "My True Crime Story  on VH1"

Shawana's participation in this cautionary documentary-series hoping to prevent others from making similar mistakes as she once did.

Now, Shawana’s primary focus is on raising her daughter and branding and building successful businesses. She is the proud owner of a virgin hair company ( which provides the best wigs, bundles, and ponytails. Also, she is a member of the PINK PANTHER CLIQUE, a group of women who came together during and after their prison bids to bring awareness to the American public about the mass incarceration crisis.

Shawana King serves as an example of how to change your life and get the money you deserve . . . Legally!

There is When you combine the ruggedness of Brooklyn with a desire to reach the top, you get none other than the infamous Shawana King. As a 90’s baby, from one of the most popular boroughs in New York, Shawana was exposed to every aspect of life at a very early age. Wanting to accomplish more than just being an average girl from the city, Shawana got curious about the world of finance and began to explore.


Her first introduction came unexpectedly. Shawana would often go to the stores and gaze at more fortunate people shopping in high end stores, driving flashy cars and seeming to have none of the problems that most of her Brooklyn peers had. Swiping credit cards and carrying out hoards of designer bags, Shawana wanted to experience the better side of life. The desire to provide for herself and her family got the best of her, and she ultimately got involved with credit card fraud at the age of 16. Landing in prison after getting caught up in the dark world of scamming, Shawana decided to change her life. Rather than taking from people she wanted to give.


With a new mission in tow, Shawana started helping other women being released get their lives back on track. How did she do it? Credit! Helping people build their credit scores would simultaneously help them gain independence and hopefully keep them out of prison.  


Gaining popularity, they decided to make it official and The Real Credit Pro was born. Since its creation, they’ve been helping people realize their financial dreams. Many of their clients have purchased homes, cars and started businesses. The Real Credit Pro doesn’t just fix credit, their primary focus is financial literacy. They offer credit training courses and business master classes. 

Shawana King’s incredible journey to redemption is a testament that a person’s history does not define their future. Anyone is capable of change and can succeed regardless of their past.

Moving forward, the entrepreneur plans to scale her businesses further and help more people improve their credit scores. Along with it, the powerful woman aims to continue championing her advocacy and reach a wider audience.

Underground World of Credit Card Swiping

There was one queen that reigned supreme. Shay hinds. At a very young age, she was exposed to the finer things in life. 


In the dark, underground world of credit card swiping, there was one queen that reigned supreme. Shay Hinds. At a very young age, she was exposed to the finer things in life. Her father, a well-known Brooklyn hustler, always provided everything she not only needed, but wanted. With an allowance like an adults' salary, at the age of 9, Shay was living the life! Until one day, disaster struck. Her father was about to go to prison . . . forever!


A Best-Selling Book by Shawana King


More About The Book

The devastated young Shay refused to lose her hero. Using the skills she learned from the hustlers around her, she devised a master plan that inevitably saved her father's life. She was ecstatic when he came home, but prison changed him. No longer wanted to divulge in the illegal activities that afforded him the luxuries of spoiling her. Shay, now addicted to the high-price lifestyle, needed a way to get the things she wanted. So when the opportunity presented itself to discover the secret world of credit card fraud, Shay was all in. Money was limitless and Shay began swiping millions of dollars regularly. Quickly rising to the top, she impacted the game like a tsunami! Until the waves came crashing down. Did Shay survive the unraveling of her scheme, or was she swept away?

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